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Outdoors in Santa Cruz County

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The Santa Cruz Mountains and Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary regions are known for their scenic beauty and unblemished landscapes. Visitors are welcome to explore, and enjoy, over 100,000 acres of public parks, beaches, mountain forests, wildlife habitats, and to participate in the countless recreation options offered at these places.

  • Area parks and beaches are listed on following pages with information about services offered.
  • Most public parks provide accessible routes to main areas and some trails. Limited ADA services provided. Some places offer assist programs for wildlife viewing and recreation services. Contact facility for details.
  • Please follow "no footprints left behind" guidelines. Especially in wildlife and nature habitat areas, as most trails are eco-sensitive. Please stay on designated paths.
  • Trailhead signs identify approval for bikes, horses, and on-leash dog access. Trail maps are available at parks, posted at trailhead, and online.
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